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At Snoozester, we create the technology behind award-winning interactive marketing campaigns that increase product, brand, event and cause awareness. Our Customer Connect service increases retail sales by engaging your prospective customers.

Here's how our program works:

Prospective customers see an ad for your upcoming sale. The ad directs them to your website (or a campaign microsite) to schedule a wake up call. On the day of the sale, your customers will receive a wake up call, reminding them to head to your stores for the big sale.

Our platform allows your customers to receive their calls on both landline and mobile phones; the call audio can be the voice of a celebrity or you can choose from a pool of Snoozester’s voiceover talent professionals. We can also deliver notifications and reminders via text message or email. We will customize the program to meet your specific goals and integrate it into any other promotion that you are planning for this holiday season.

The program is effective because it helps you to engage your customers three times, before they even walk into your store.

Snoozester only offers this service to a limited number of retail partners, and this opportunity will only be available for a limited time.

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