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Vervelife (for AXE Recovery Shower Gel)

Engagement: Nationwide Wake Up Campaign for a Product Launch
Organization: VerveLife
Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Service: Customer Connect, Snoozester API


VerveLife came to Snoozester while they were working with a major international consumer products company, to devise a strategy for a new product launch. As part of the product launch, VerveLife’s client wanted to offer promotional wake up calls to interested consumers in nine U.S. markets. They knew that they needed a partner who would be able to tailor a solution to their needs.

After receiving proposals from other organizations, VerveLife contacted Snoozester just one day before they had scheduled to make a decision on which company to work with. Snoozester provided VerveLife with a proposal and a demo of Snoozester’s Customer Connect technology.


VerveLife reviewed Snoozester’s proposal and, with just six weeks to go until the campaign was to launch, tapped Snoozester to power the 200,000 wake up call campaign. Snoozester then consulted with VerveLife’s Director of Client Services to gather requirements and to share Snoozester’s wake up call and telephone reminder industry expertise.

In response to VerveLife’s client’s needs, Snoozester crafted a custom solution built on top of Snoozester’s Customer Connect and the Snoozester API technologies. The solution enables VerveLife to schedule calls either individually or in batches without having to purchase any additional infrastructure. Snoozester continued to work with VerveLife’s development team to integrate Snoozester functionality in to the micro-site that VerveLife was already developing for the campaign.

In addition, Snoozester took on the responsibility of sourcing voice talent for the prompts that would be used for the wake up calls and the message played to participants who call back the wake up call system. In the process, Snoozester auditioned over thirty professional voice-over actors before finding one that met the specific needs presented by VerveLife and their client.


Snoozester’s solution enabled VerveLife to provide their client with a comprehensive telephone-based marketing campaign. By utilizing Snoozester’s standards-based, hosted platform, VerveLife did not have to purchase any software or hardware infrastructure in order to schedule the wake up calls.

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