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Newspaper Sales Promotions

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Engagement: Newspaper Sales Promotions / Single Copy Sales Booster
Organization: The Chicago Sun-Times
Industry: Media
Service: Sweepstakes Simplifier

The promotions department at the Chicago Sun-Times, one of the largest newspapers in North America, is always busy coming up with new and exciting promotions to engage readers and drive single-copy and subscription sales. Since teaming up with Snoozester, the Sun-Times, which also manages promotions for its network of subsidiary regional newspapers, has been able to develop and launch new promotions every few weeks. In addition to freeing up promotions staff to concentrate on creative efforts, Snoozester's technology has also increased reader participation by offering an easily accessible, user-friendly system for collecting entries.

By continuously engaging readers, the Chicago Sun-Times has been able to significantly increase circulation (outpacing local rival the Tribune) at a time when newspaper sales are declining industry-wide. In support of this tremendous accomplishment, Snoozester has collected millions of sweepstakes entries for numerous promotions from Sun-Times readers.

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