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Community Connection

Notification-centric Building Management Solution

Engagement: Community Connection Resident Portal
Organization: Community Connection
Industry: Software & Website Development
Service: Snoozester API

Community Connection is a web-based, notification-centric, software suite designed to help property managers connect with their communities. Property managers use Community Connection to track information about their building residents and notify them about important events.

Community Connection partnered with Snoozester to implement the phone notifications functionality of their application. Powered by the Snoozester's Phone Notifications API, Community Connection offers wake up calls, pre-recorded phone notifications, and text-to-speech broadcast calls to all residents in the system.

By Utilizing the Snoozester's API to power its phone notifications functionlity, Community Connection has direct access to Snoozester's powerful back-end systems that have been used to deliver millions of calls. As a result, Community Connection does not have to worry about any additional hardware or software to support the phone notifications portion of their service.

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