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MyFirstVote.TV (EUE / Screen Gems)

Engagement: Get Out to Vote - Election Day Reminder Calls
Organization: EUE / Screen Gems (MyFirstVote.TV Project)
Industry: Non-Profit
Service: Message Blast

As part of the massive "Get Out the Vote" effort in the lead up to the historic 2008 election, EUE Screen Gems launched MYFirstVote.TV. The MyFirstVote initiative combined roving voter-registration street teams, a multimedia-rich website and Snoozester's Message Blast technology.

After encouraging newly eligible voters to register to vote and become informed about the election, the MyFirstVote website allowed voters to schedule Election Day wake up and reminder calls. The success of the MyFirstVote campaign helped to contribute to record-high voter turnout especially among young and first-time voters.

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