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Reminder Calls for Customers

Engagement: Text-to-speech Reminder Calls
Organization: SaleStrong
Industry: Software & Website Development, Retail & eCommerce
Service: Snoozester API


In order to add value to their business management application, SaleStrong decided to offer phone notifications for their clients. The phone notifications are to be used by SaleStrong clients to communicate with their customers. The messages are delivered over the phone and can be customized by the client and utilize text-to-speech technologies in order to allow for dynamic content for each phone call / communication. Example uses of the phone notifications include reminders to schedule a follow-up appointment, marketing messages and invoice reminders.


Snoozester worked with SaleStrong to integrate the Snoozester text-to-speech (TTS) API into their suite of hosted customer relationship management, point-ofsale and enterprise resource planning software. Using the Snoozester TTS API, SaleStrong is able to route phone communications for their clients through Snoozester without having to invest in complex telephony software or hardware infrastructure and phone lines. The inclusion of Snoozester-powered reminder calls has extended the functionality of SaleStrong's application suite.


Thanks to Snoozester's comprehensive documentation and consulting services, SaleStrong was able integrate Snoozester TTS API into their application very quickly and easily. SaleStrong is excited about the value Snoozester's services have added to their application and competitive advantage they have gained as a result.

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