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iReminder (iTMP Technology) iPhone App

Engagement: iReminder iPhone Application
Organization: iTMP Technology
Industry: Software & Website Development, Consumer Products
Service: Snoozester API

iTMP Technology, a mobile application developer, uses Snoozester's API to power its iPod / iPad / iPhone application. iReminder users are able to send reminders to their contacts in the future; which comes in handy when a friend says, "Let's have lunch on Tuesday, call me in the morning so I don't forget."

Powered by the Snoozester API technology, the iReminder app lets you:
  • Choose from a variety of pre-recorded iReminders (from Wake up! or Birthday to Oil Change or Rotate Tires, etc.)
  • Create your own Text-to-Speech iReminders.
  • Choose Date & Time and Time Zone for delivery
  • Select Number to call
  • Input Caller ID for outbound call

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