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Wake Up Call and Reminder Service for Universities

Helping students get to class on time and stay on top of their schedules

Snoozester, creator of the popular wake up call and reminder service, now offers services for universities, colleges and other institutions of higher education. Snoozester’s service enables universities to offer wake up calls and reminders to their students. The service is built upon the same proven technology as the consumer service and it can be customized to meet your needs. Students can schedule wake up calls and reminders calls online and receive them on their home phone, mobile phone, dorm phone, or any other phone -- it's that simple!


Wake Up Calls

We all know that students often stay up late and have trouble waking up in the morning. Snoozester Wake Up Calls are a great way to help students wake up on time for morning classes. Students can schedule wake up calls online and receive them on their dorm phone, mobile phone or any other phone.

Each wake up call comes with numerous options and features, including:
  • A Snooze Button – Wake up calls can be “snoozed” for ten minutes by answering the call and pressing the [2] key on the telephone keypad.
  • One Time or Repeating – Each wake up call can be set up as a one time call or as a repeating call with a custom repetition schedule.
  • EasyAwake and SecureAwake – Each wake up call can be scheduled as EasyAwake (for light sleepers) or SecureAwake (for heavy sleepers). EasyAwake calls will only be attempted once; SecureAwake calls will be attempted up to three times, every five minutes unless the phone is answered and the [1] key on the telephone keypad is pressed.

Reminder Calls

Students lead very hectic lives and it is no surprise that they often have trouble keeping up.

Snoozester Reminder Calls help students to remember exams, due dates, group meetings, office hours and other important appointments and events.

Students can schedule Snoozester Reminder Calls online from any internet connected computer. During the reminder call scheduling process, students will be prompted to select their phone number and enter the message that they would like to hear when they receive their call (such as, “history exam on Monday at noon”).

Using Snoozester Reminder Calls, Students can choose to schedule a one-time call (perfect for remembering an exam or due date) or select from a versatile set of repetition options (ideal for keeping track of group meetings, office hours and other regularly scheduled events).

How It Works

Proven Technology – Easy to Use

The service is built upon the same easy-to-use web-based interface as the popular service. Students simply log in, enter their phone number(s), and start scheduling calls - it’s that simple!

No Additional Hardware or Software Required

Your I.T. Department is busy enough already. Snoozester hosts and manages all of the hardware and software required for you to provide students with a wake up call and reminder service. You will not need to install any phone lines, servers or software to take advantage of the service. Students can access the service from any computer connected to the internet. As long as your students have access to the internet, your school’s I.T. department won’t even need to be involved!

Completely Customizable to Meet Your Unique Needs

Snoozester recognizes that every school is different, so our services can be customized to meet your school's unique needs.

To start, your school will have a unique login page for your students. The web interface that students use to access the service and schedule calls will be branded with your school’s logo. Want to get even more personal? You can also record custom audio messages that students will hear during their wake up calls. After all, there’s nothing quite like a wake up call from the Dean to get students out of bed and into class.

Additional features and customizations can be arranged; please contact us for more information and a customized price quote.

Simple Administration

Snoozester Services for Universities come with a central, web-based administration interface. Administrators can log into the online account interface and manage students’ accounts and view usage reports.

More Information

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" Snoozester is the ONLY thing saving my homework grades "

" My schedule is varied and sometimes I'm only going to get 4-5 hours of sleep, but I actually sleep better knowing that call will get me up on time "

" I like the fact that Snoozester is reliable...every scheduled call has been delivered so far "

" It really is amazing that a person can coordinate a wake-up call through the internet. Love it! "

" The service is reliable, convenient, easy to configure, works better than a regular alarm clock "

" Phone calls are very hard to ignore - they wake people up when sometimes nothing else will. "

" I wake up to my home phone ringing whereas I can turn off my alarm (all of them) in my sleep. Snoozester is especially helpful when I know I'm exhausted and I will have trouble waking up. It's also more reliable than the friend that is supposed to wake you up when they get up. :) "

" It's the only alarm that has been able to wake me up on time! "

" I'm a senior HOPING to graduate in May but I have been having sleep-related issues that have affected my schoolwork. To put it simply, I have trouble waking up and even after having a sleep study done, the doctors aren't sure what the issue is. This system will be a godsend for me. Thanks. I really appreciate the implementation of this wake-up call system. "