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Engage Your Clients and Improve Your Results

with Snoozester's Wake Up Call and Reminder Service for Fitness Instructors

  • Eliminates trainee tardiness and irritating "no shows"
  • Saves you time and money, because the system is completely automatic
  • Helps you stand out from the competition – the service is completely customizable with your brand, your logo and your voice

How It Works

Snoozester's service allows you to provide your clients with hotel-style wake up calls and friendly reminder calls. The calls will help your clients keep track of their training schedule and meet their fitness goals.

Our service allows you to schedule calls to your clients' landline and mobile phones (U.S. and Canada). You can manage the calls on behalf of your clients, or give them access to the customized website where they can schedule calls themselves. You can also brand the service with your organization's logo and record custom prompts for the wake up calls.

Featured Sports & Fitness Engagements

Tadda's Fitness Camp
Engagement: Tadda's Fitness Camp - Wake Up Call Service

Tadda's Fitness Camp uses Snoozester to increase program participation and make sure that participants make it to their sessions on-time. More info...

The Nation’s Triathlon (Washington Sports & Event Management)
Engagement: Race Reminder Calls and Wake Up Calls

The Nation’s Tri used Message Blast to increase registration with reminder calls for previous participants. Racers were also treated to race-day wake up calls voiced by D.C. Mayor and avid Triathlete, Adrian Fenty. More info...

Improve your results today.

" Phone calls are very hard to ignore - they wake people up when sometimes nothing else will. "

" The service is reliable, convenient, easy to configure, works better than a regular alarm clock "

" My schedule is varied and sometimes I'm only going to get 4-5 hours of sleep, but I actually sleep better knowing that call will get me up on time "

" It really is amazing that a person can coordinate a wake-up call through the internet. Love it! "

" It's the only alarm that has been able to wake me up on time! "