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Single Copy Sales Booster

We help publishers Increase Single Copy Sales. We Can help You.

An innovative, proven promotional campaign that engages your readers and improves your bottom line

How Does the Promotion Work?

  1. You advertise the promotion on your front page for the duration of the program.
  2. Readers turn to a specific page in your paper in order to get the daily promotion code that allows them to enter into the drawing for that day.
  3. Participants enter the drawing by calling a special phone number or sending a text message.
  4. Snoozester hosts the phone system and the text message system for the promotion.
  5. Snoozester sends you a list of participants (as well as detailed demographic information that you can pass on to advertisers) for each drawing.
  6. A winner is selected each day.
  7. Single copy sales increase due to interest in participation.

Featured Single Copy Sales Booster Engagement

The Chicago Sun-Times
Engagement: Newspaper Sales Promotions (Phone Sweepstakes)

The Sun-Times, which also manages promotions for its network of subsidiary regional newspapers, launches new promotions every few weeks. Instead of collecting entries by mail or tying up their call center, the Sun-Times leverages Snoozester's technology. The partnership has generated increased reader participation because of the easily accessible, user-friendly system for collecting entries. By continuously engaging readers, the Chicago Sun-Times has been able to significantly increase circulation (outpacing local rival the Tribune) at a time when newspaper sales are declining industry-wide. More info...

Learn how a partnership with Snoozester can Increase Your Single Copy Sales.

" Snoozester expertly handled all aspects of this promotion…they built a custom program for us from scratch. They listened, they committed to the project, and they over-delivered. I can’t say enough about their high level of customer service. I would use Snoozester again in a heartbeat. "

Willie — VP of Marketing

" These numbers are pretty remarkable… Bringing in [a gigantic number] of distinct people who haven’t participated in any of our other promos in the past 14 months is great! "

Andrew — Marketing Operations Manager