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Increase Audience Engagement and Boost Sales

Snoozester partners with organizations in the media industry to increase audience engagement and boost sales. We help your organization develop a innovative, custom inbound or outbound phone campaign geared towards increasing content distribution and audience participation.

Services for the Media Industry

Customer Connect
Using Snoozester's Customer Connect service, you can engage your audience by running a custom Wake Up Call campaign. Your new and prospective audience schedule calls online and receive them on their phones. The call greetings can be any type of content (radio personality, top news, sports game recap, music, celebrity voices, etc).
Sweepstakes Simplifier
Using the Sweepstakes Simplifier service, you can engage your audience by offering phone sweepstakes or giveaway promotion. Your audience participates by dialing a special phone number to enter the promotion. You can customize the sweepstakes to work exactly the way you want it to. The service is geared toward increasing your audience due to interest in participation.

Example use of Sweepstakes Simplifier by Newspapers:

Newspaper Single Copy Sales Booster

Featured Media Industry Engagements

The Chicago SUN-TIMES
Engagement: Chicago Cubs Baseball Recap Wake Up Calls

When The Chicago Sun-Times (one of the Nation's largest newspapers) wanted to offer baseball fans free wake up calls with a recap of the previous night’s game, they contacted Snoozester. Snoozester was able to [very quickly] craft a custom system for the Sun-Times using Snoozester's Customer Connect technology." More info...

The Chicago Sun-Times
Engagement: Newspaper Sales Promotions (Phone Sweepstakes)

The Sun-Times, which also manages promotions for its network of subsidiary regional newspapers, launches new promotions every few weeks. Instead of collecting entries by mail or tying up their call center, the Sun-Times leverages Snoozester's technology. The partnership has generated increased reader participation because of the easily accessible, user-friendly system for collecting entries. By continuously engaging readers, the Chicago Sun-Times has been able to significantly increase circulation (outpacing local rival the Tribune) at a time when newspaper sales are declining industry-wide. More info...

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Newspapers use Snoozester's Single Copy Sales Booster program to increase Single Copy Sales:
Newspaper Single Copy Sales Booster

" Snoozester expertly handled all aspects of this promotion…they built a custom program for us from scratch. They listened, they committed to the project, and they over-delivered. I can’t say enough about their high level of customer service. I would use Snoozester again in a heartbeat. "

Willie — VP of Marketing

" These numbers are pretty remarkable… Bringing in [a gigantic number] of distinct people who haven’t participated in any of our other promos in the past 14 months is great! "

Andrew — Marketing Operations Manager