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Integrate Phone Notification Capabilities into Your Applications

One of the biggest challenges of adding phone notification capabilities into your applications is the cost of creating and maintaining a phone system that can scale. Snoozester allows you to seamlessly add phone notification capabilities to your apps. By integrating the Snoozester API into your application, you can schedule pre-recorded and text-to-speech phone calls to any landline or mobile phone. Snoozester hosts all the hardware and software required to deliver your calls at their scheduled times. This allows you to focus on the non-notification-centric parts of your application and let Snoozester's state-of-the-art, reliable back-end systems handle the phone calls. Snoozester's back-end systems, the Snoozester Engine, has been used to deliver millions of phone calls for our clients and it can be scaled to handle whatever volume you may need.

The Snoozester API is loaded with features:
  • Scheduling of pre-recorded calls
  • Scheduling of text-to-speech calls
  • Handling of various time zones
  • Optional block un-requested calls
  • Batch scheduling
  • Error and exception handling capabilities

Example Applications

  • Travel website that automatically calls customers in the event of an itinerary change
  • Desktop application for scheduling limousine service that alerts drivers of scheduled pick ups by phone call
  • Bill payment system that warns bank customers when a bill is overdue

Featured Snoozester API Clients

iReminder (iTMP Technology)
Engagement: iReminder iPhone App

iTMP Technology, a mobile application developer, uses Snoozester's API to power its iPod / iPad / iPhone application. iReminder users are able to send reminders to their contacts in the future; which comes in handy when a friend says, "Let's have lunch on Tuesday, call me in the morning so I don't forget." More info...

Vervelife (for AXE Recovery Shower Gel)
Engagement: Nationwide Wake Up Campaign for a Product Launch

As part of the product launch, VerveLife’s client (AXE Recovery Shower Gel) wanted to offer promotional wake up calls to interested consumers in nine U.S. markets. They knew that they needed a partner who would be able to tailor a solution to their needs. More info...

Community Connection (Notification-centric Building Management Solution)
Engagement: Community Connection Resident Portal

Community Connection is a web-based software suite designed to help property managers connect with their communities. Community Connection leverages the Snoozester API to deliver wake up calls, pre-recorded phone calls, and text-to-speech message blasts to users. More info...

Rowland Coffee Roasters (SeeSaw)
Engagement: Wake Up with Bustelo Cool
As part of the nationwide launch of the Bustelo Cool canned espresso beverage, Rowland Coffee Roasters used the Snoozester API to create a website allowing visitors to schedule free wake up calls directly to their home and mobile phones, reminding them to "Wake up with Bustelo Cool." More info...

Engagement: Text-to-speech Reminder Calls
In order to add value to their business management application, SaleStrong decided to offer phone notifications for their clients. Powered by the Snoozester API, the phone notifications are used by SaleStrong clients to communicate with their customers. More info...

VerveLife (Body by Milk)
Engagement: Body by Milk Wake Up Call Campaign

Nation-wide wake up call campaign featuring pre-recorded calls from Taylor Swift, Chris Cornell, Enrique Iglesias, Lifehouse, Plain White Tees and Smashing Pumpkins. More info...

Learn how you can incorporate phone notifications functionlity into your applications.

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